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First Post//Transamerica - Because we need MORE.

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March 28th, 2006

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09:34 pm - First Post//Transamerica
Join and recommend the good ones or criticise if they suck.

The latest movie I've seen has been Transamerica, and it was AMAZING. The genre's comedy and it indeed was hilarious. A plus in this movie was the supporting actor (Kevin Zegers, the God of bad movies, yet so incredibly hot that you can't stay away) he did such a good acting job and Huffman, too, did an exellent job as well. The movie's about a transgendered man who's about to have a genital operation to finalize the change and finally be happy, but a few day before she discovers that she has a son, who happens to be a hustler, heroin/crack addict. Bree (not stanley anymore) goes and bails him out (when Toby, the son, still doesn't know that she's his father) and they take a roadtrip. She takes it because she wants to go to California (She actually lives in LA, but had to got NY to bail him out) for the operation and just leave her son in Kansas (where he used to live) but he doesn't stay there. And then just spoilers come, and you don't want that.

It's a great movie. Watch it.

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