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Last Sunday I went to see the fantastic movie MARIE ANTOINETTE, and just so you know, i'm not a fan of Dunst, but i am in love with that movie. i would marry it if i could. i don't know if it's accurate, not that i would care, but her faboulous life was put on screen by the also faboulous sofia coppola. i love her and her movies. the other thing i really liked was asia argento, man i love her, she's awesome (she was the king's mistress i believe.) god, you are missing out if you don't see this movie. seriously. SERIOUSLY. it was hot. and the soundtrack was also super awesome.

A few sundays ago, i also went to a friends house and finished watching hard candy, i hated the end, but the movie overall was so fucking cool. man, that little girl has some skill. if i tell you anything about it i will spoil it, just trust me on this. and it totally involves pedophiles and funny dialogue. what's also really odd is the lack of soundtrack. since it's like an independent film i would've expected some sort of cheesy soundtrack, but no! the dialogue, man, me love you long time, screenplay writer.

And i'm still looking for a copy of the Graffiti Artist, but i am a challenged girl, and haven't been able to get one. it sounds easy, but it's a challenge in wisconsin. it sounds amazing. and what's best, it's that both of the main characters aren't ugly. but just to warn all homophobes out there (you disgust me, you asswipe) there's a slight homoerotic undertone in it i think. i'm not sure though, that's what i've heard, so i'm like super exited and ready to watch it!
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One REALLY good movie I've seen recently, is The Upside of Anger. It was REALLY good. REALLY. You should see it. Its about this disfunctional family (I think its all girls) and just.. i dunno, stuff happens. Its good.

Also another good movie I've seen is C.R.A.Z.Y It about another semi-disfunctional family, Its a french film, with subtitles. Normally, I wouldn't see a movie with subtitles because I get bored, but I sat through the whole thing. And it wasnt because my dad made me. (and the main character was pretty hot... well when he was older not when he was 6...)
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A few days ago I watched the Chumscrubber and I fell in love with jaime bell and his quirky ways. the movie, i thought, was confusing as hell at times, and it really isn't worth buying, but worth renting or watching. I'm not really gonna talk about it, I'm just saying that more people should watch it. it's cool.

I also watched Tristan and Isolde and I LOVED it (i'm a girly girl). it really is like romeo and juliet, but sexier. I mean, Tristan was the hotest guy during the dark ages, that man (james franco) makes me drool. so hot, i wanted to eat him, so much hotness. Aaaand the plot was good too. a bunch of peple die, drama, drama, drama, more people die, people cry, tristan get half naked, people die, sex scenes somewhere in there, more people die, the end. it's not that boring, but a lot of people die (i especially hate the end, but like the movie overall.)

another special movie i  watched was Paradise Now. Fucking loved it. Just watch it. it's awesome, not the end, but the movie is awesome for the most part, i would've paid for the 8 dollar ticket. Said, the main character, is also very hot, which is a very good thing.

wow, you can just tell by my writing that i am a teenage girl.


anyone out there? this place is pretty quiet.

well, heres the latest good movies ive seen.

ive seen a two really excellent films this week. 21 grams is one of em. it was really confusing at the beginning, but everything comes together in the end. it was a very philosophical movie...theres this part where sean penn and naomi watts' characters are eating lunch together. and he recites a few lines from a venezuelian writer. something like............

"the earth turned to bring us closer
it turned on itself and then us
until it finally brought us together in this dream"

then he says how so many things have to happen for two people to meet. it felt like the movie stopped for a minute. and the screen writer or whoever was speaking directly to the audience. something like that. i dont know.

so the other movie is crash. yeah i dont feel like writing a whole lot about it. it was just an incredible, profound story. i got chills at least three times while watching it, which is really saying something.

that movie can be easily summed up in one word: WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. i knew it was gonna be good cause i just know these things sometimes, but it went far beyond my expectations. the ending was just incredible. im just gonna give it away cause whoevers reading this probably wont take my advice and see it ANYWAY. so when the movie is ending and all, its three hours long or something(i wont give it away) but..its so unexpected and gutsy.
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I have this gift for writing like an airhead whenever I post on livejournal. So just  ignore that fact and watch the movies.

I recently watched A Love Song for Bobby Long. It was pretty fucking awesome. I was looking for something to watch and I looked at the description and i thought it was going to be some piece of crap, but then I saw Scarlett Johansson's name and immediately began watching it. I love Scarlett, she's great (but not as great as natalie portman.) So the movie's about these two dudes, one's a retired (more like fired and then trampled on for being an asswipe) english college professor, played by the lovely john travolta, and his t.a. (he's pretty hot, but relatively unknown, at least to me, his name's gabriel macht,) who end up as drunks in New Orleans. Nine or ten years later this girl Pursy (scarlett) comes back to claim her mother's home, since her mother died and she missed the funeral. Oh yes, her mother was involved with these two guys, not like sleeping with both of them, just Bobby, but they all lived in the same house. And then it turns out that they they all end up living together even though they hate each other and blah blah blah. In then end, all things are resolved, someone dies, but it's sort of a happy ending. So if you enjoy closure, you'll enjoy this film. Closure, I sound like a life coach.

Oh man, I also really want to watch No Skin Of My Ass by Bruce LaBruce, I've heard it's like porn but I love LaBruce and his photography, he's fucking insane. And holy shit, I just finished reading the heart is deceitful above all things, and i've read so much stuff about the movie that i want to watch it no matter what. jt leroy (jeremy terminator) is this unknown, masochistic, androgynous, man-boy who has a strange attachment to his mother, he wrote this book (and i really hope to god that he's not laura albert!), and two other more: sarah, and harold's end. Yes, pretty fucking amazing. Asia Argento, the director, also acted in it, she was the mother (sarah) of jeremiah, which are the two main characters in the film. I can't wait til I get my hands on these two films.

This was a long time ago, but  I REALLY liked this film called Quills, which was about the stay and death of the Marquis de Sade (he was crazy, but i kinda liked him, i mean he wrote sadistic pornographic books during Napoleon's reign, and that's pretty hardcore) in the insane asylum at Charenton. So the movie's not so much about him, it's more about how he affected these two characters in the film Joaquin Phoenix (whom i salivate after) and Kate Winslet. Kate's Sade's chambermaid, and he gives her whatever he writes, she smuggles it out and gives it to someone else so it can be published. Joaquin is the priest in charge but then when Kate gets involved, the main guy in charge of Charenton brings another guy to try and fix things, but we all know things don't work that way and things get messy, people die, and there's a sad end, which I really liked, not because it was sad, but I thought it was well done. Oh, and the Marquis is played by geoffrey rush, who creeps me the fuck out, even before i watched this movie. Before I had seen him as Javert in Les Miserables and he just creeps me out. And, oh god, he was trotsky in Frida. I just found out a second ago.

Well, this is the end to my ramble. Cause I have to go eat lunch.
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It seems that this community will never evolve so I'll just post random shit.

First, I saw Raise the Red Lantern, which was a nicely done chinese movie about marriage and such things. It's not one of those happy ending films, but I really loved it.

I also watched Heights, which was about relationships, it was not a chick flick, and I found it pretty amusing. The guy from Swim Fan was in it and so was Scott Summers  (X- men, ew), I believe, if that means anything. They just happen to be gay in this movie. The plot of the movie was actually pretty entertaining aside from the hot actors, and I really liked the ending.

The Shape of Things revolves around only four characters ( I love Evelyn, the cruel, cynical bitch, she's awesome.) Evelyn was played by Rachel Weisz which really surprised me, becuase she's in so many bad movies. So yeah, I really liked the twist at the end, it was pretty awesome. watch the movie. 

So this post was kinda bad, since I only talked about ending, very briefly, but that was the good part about these films, not that they're bad or anything. They're all good and I liked them!
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First Post//Transamerica

Join and recommend the good ones or criticise if they suck.

The latest movie I've seen has been Transamerica, and it was AMAZING. The genre's comedy and it indeed was hilarious. A plus in this movie was the supporting actor (Kevin Zegers, the God of bad movies, yet so incredibly hot that you can't stay away) he did such a good acting job and Huffman, too, did an exellent job as well. The movie's about a transgendered man who's about to have a genital operation to finalize the change and finally be happy, but a few day before she discovers that she has a son, who happens to be a hustler, heroin/crack addict. Bree (not stanley anymore) goes and bails him out (when Toby, the son, still doesn't know that she's his father) and they take a roadtrip. She takes it because she wants to go to California (She actually lives in LA, but had to got NY to bail him out) for the operation and just leave her son in Kansas (where he used to live) but he doesn't stay there. And then just spoilers come, and you don't want that.

It's a great movie. Watch it.

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