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Because we need MORE.

Recommend Good Movies
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This is a place for you to recommend (to us, the less fortunate) your favorite GOOD movies. No crap like How to lose a guy in 10 days or Air Bud or Jason vs. Freddy, etc, the list could go on forever. Please. It also really doesn't matter if anyone hasn't heard of it or whether it's a completely mainstream movie, as long as it's good, we want to know about it (including documentaries.)

If you don't agree with someone's opinion or don't like a movie they're recommending, tell us so and why you don't like it or what you don't like about it, we'll appreciate and respect your comment as long as you're not an asshole about it.

And no fighting, trolling, disrespect, etc. It will not be tolerated. So just don't.
1984, 9 songs, a beautiful mind, a beautiful thing, a clockwork orange, america brown, american beauty, american history x, american psycho, anchorman, b. monkey, bad education, being john malkovich, black hawk down, born into brothels, brokeback mountain, cabaret, chicago, citizen kane, closer, cold mountain, crash, donnie darko, downfall, dr. strangelove, dummy, elephant, eurotrip, fight club, films, finding neverland, frida, friday night lights, garden state, girl interrupted, glory, grease, hable con ella, halloween, hard candy, harry + max, heights, hiroshima mon amour, house of spirits, i am sam, i heart huckabees, igby goes down, imaginary heroes, indie, indie movies, infinity, jarhead, l'enfant, lolita, look at me, ma mere, ma vie en rose, manic, mar adentro, maria full of grace, match point, motorcycle diaries, moulin rouge, movies, mysterious skin, nell, orange county, osama, pantaleon y las visitadoras, particles of truth, party monster, pretty in pink, prozac nation, psycho, quills, raise the red lantern, recommend movies, remember the titans, requiem for a dream, rhinocero's eyes, rocky horror picture show, run lola run, saved!, schindler's list, sideways, sixteen candles, sleepy hollow, sometimes in april, sound of music, summer of sam, sundance, tenacious d, the believer, the birds, the dreamers, the graduate, the hole, the king, the last emperor, the life, the machinist, the mudge boy, the nightmare before christmas, the pianist, the producers, the shape of things, todo sobre mi madre, trainspotting, transamerica, united states of leland, vanity fair, velvet goldmine, victor/victoria, walk the line, we don't live here, what's eating gilbert grape, wilde, xx/xy, yesterday